Cautious, sensible Caroline Abbott journeys to Italy as a chaperone for her irrepressible friend Lilia, but everything goes wrong when Lilia suddenly becomes engaged to a dentist’s son.  The troops arrive in the form of Lilia’s brother-in-law Philip, who has come to try and break the engagement.  Philip’s mission fails, however, and a hotly contested baby results.  Sweeping melodrama and sardonic humor meet in Tuscany as Philip and Caroline's ideals are challenged in the subsequent family battle over the fate of that unfortunate infant.

Where Angels Fear to Tread had it's fully staged workshop premier at the Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre in Greenwich Village in September, 2017. The production was well-received and had record-breaking ticket sales for the theatre. 

September 2017

Writer/Composer/Lyricist- Kit Goldstein Grant

Director/Executive Producer- Kayla Friend

Music Director- Rachel Dean

Stage Manager- Jordan Liau

Costume Designer- Jessica McHugh

Set Designer- Kayla Friend/Kurt Robbins

Choreographer(s)- Brian Cedric Jones, Ian Fields Stewart

Cast: James Stafford as Philip Herriton, Maya Murphy as Lilia Herriton, Theresa Egloff as Caroline Abbott, Stephanie Hawkins as Harriet Herriton, Nancy Magarill as Mrs. Herriton, Sarah Chiu and Sophia Massa as Irma Herriton, Alex Carroll as Gino, Alexis Guarneros as Spiridione, Carrie Lawless as the Hot Italian Woman, Alana DeGregorio as Perfetta, Jordan Silver as the Featured Male Ensemble, and Sarah Wyatt as the Featured Female Ensemble. 

Designed by Kayla Friend. © 2019 by THML THEATRE COMPANY.

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