Our creative team has chosen to take this play in a very realistic and sobering direction- our setting will be in a Center for Troubled Women, hearkening back to the days when women were sent to psychiatric wards for “female ailments” like hysteria. The year is 2020, three years into the new presidential administration. Cagebirds will explore the narratives of the women in the center as they encounter a new addition to the group. This will be an intentional and intersectiona female-heavy cast. We are creating characters that are immigrants, Muslims, Jews, upscale WASPs, feminine men who cross-dress, curvy women, sexual women, women of color, and women battling mental illness. Our production will tell stories- women’s stories. Current issues. Corrupt, manipulative leadership. Fear. Hate. Gossip. Vanity. Freedom. It is all packed into this one hour show. We are confident that Cagebirds will impact the community we serve here in New York City. Despite our current political climate, theatre artists are determined to continue creating art and sharing important stories. Now, more than ever, is the time to step forward and support women in the theatre industry and projects about women’s issues. THML Productions and IN OUR WORDS have chosen to team up to bring a production of Cagebirds by David Campton to New York City as a response to these shifts in our political and social environment.



Designed by Kayla Friend. © 2019 by THML THEATRE COMPANY.

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